About Us

The International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism (IAPMT) is a voluntary, self-governing, non-commercial and independent public organization, which brings together the physicians of different specialties committed to the goals of the Association as well as the managers in healthcare, insurance, travel and assisting companies. At the present day, the number of the Members of APMT is approaching 3000, and it keeps on growing.

The main activity of the Association is an improvement of public awareness of the opportunities in medical tourism.

Our main activities are:

  • We hold and support scientific seminars for medical specialists,
  • We support, participate and keep coordination of branch events, work-shops and presentations in medical sphere around the world,
  • We organize information tours for medical doctors to the best clinics and rehabilitation centers,
  • We hold seminars, conferences and participates in expositions during the medical tourism exhibitions where we can declare about our Partners,
  • We inform all our members about the news in medical tourism, about our partner’s offers and about other similar activities,
  • We get a feedback from the members of the Association and monitor the needs of the medical sociality.


The Association of Medical Tourism Physicians was registered on May 17, 2012 and entered into the Register of Public Organizations under No. 3-22-2012.

Full name: Public organization “Association of Medical Tourism Doctors”.

  • The Association is a public organization based on a voluntary association of citizens and was created in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine.
  • The Association is a voluntary, self-governing, non-profit, non-profit, independent public organization.
  • The activity of the Association is based on the principles of voluntariness, equality of its members, self-government, legality and transparency.
  • The Association brings together citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens who share its goals and is created for an indefinite period.