IAPMT stops relationships with Russian companies and individuals which support Russian aggression in Ukraine!

On February 24, the world of each of us changed forever, shattered by a Russian ballistic missile. Russia has started a full-scale war with Ukraine, it is killing our citizens and destroying our cities and villages.

Some cities are on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe! Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, Sumy, Mariupil!, where fierce battles and massive air attacks from the Russian Federation and Belarus take place! Kyiv and other hero cities hold the siege with dignity and repel the ground attacks of the Russian army. But some air strikes cause irreparable damage and kill the civilian population of Ukraine.

In the 21st century, such actions are regarded by the world community not just as madness, but as a reason to block the aggressor country from the entire civilized world, which has already begun to happen. Citizens of Russia, you must know the truth!

Following the civilized world community, we officially declare that the International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism ceases its cooperation with the Official Associations of the Russian Federation, State bodies, as well as with individual citizens who support Russian aggression in Ukraine.

We call on the entire civilized world to block the work of Russian companies and those who continue to do business with them and sponsor terrorism! Evil must be punished. Not with aggression, but with sanctions and total isolation.

If you personally or your company opposes the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, tell the truth to your Russian friends, go to the protests in your country and help the Ukrainian people to survive in this terrible time. Donate to help Ukrainian volunteers!

PAYPAL 2012inna@gmail.com

And, by the way…

Every time you tell me about the great Russian ballet, I will tell you the story of a young teacher from Brovary who was repeatedly raped in front of her parents and then kidnapped by Russian villains. About dozens, maybe hundreds of raped Ukrainian women. Often in the eyes of children. About 15-16-year-old girls from Borodyanka who were terribly abused by the Kadyrovites. About the bodies of five raped young girls who were killed and left on the road. About this disgusting “fuck hohlushok” in interceptions. Here is what I will tell you in return about the expelled great Russian ballet.
Every time you tell me about great Russian composers, I will tell you the story of a girl in front of whom her and her little brother mother have been dyeing in the basement of Mariupol for the couple of days… And then, with the corpse of the dead mother, the children were forced to continue to hide in the basement from the shelling. About a boy from Gostomel, in front of whom Russian soldiers shot his father. And then they wanted to kill the son, but he survived. About a girl who was shot directly in the face. About a kid, who ran away with his grandmother in a boat. Grandma drowned. And the boy has been wanted for almost a month. Here is what I will tell you in response about the expelled great Russian composers.
Every time you tell me about the great Russian painting, I will tell you about the peaceful Ukrainians, shot in the back in the Makariv district. And before they could shoot, the orcs tied their hands. About hundreds of corpses on the streets of Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel. About mass graves in the yards of residential neighborhoods. Mass graves of civilians, until recently cozy and safe cities. Mass graves. In the 21st century. Here is what I will tell you in return about the expelled great Russian painting.
Every time you tell me about the great Russian theater, I will tell you the story of a woman from the Brovary district, from whose house Russian looters retreated and removed metal tiles. About tanks and armored personnel carriers of the “Second Army of the World”, loaded to the brink of looting in Ukrainian homes. Stolen phones, tablets, TVs, washing machines, carpets, jewelry, bottles of alcohol, pans, clothes, toys, shoes – everything that happened on the way of these freaks. When they got to Belarus, they sent by mail their loot to Russia. About how stolen goods were traded on Belarusian markets. Here is what I will tell you in response about the persecuted great Russian theater.
Every time you tell me about the great Russian cinema, I will tell you about the brutally shot horses in the stables of the Kiev region. About starving and thirsty animals of the zoo in Yasnogorodka. About the deer skin, burned after the explosion. And now the maximum savagery… About the Alabai dog killed and eaten by the Russian occupiers. Yes, alabai. Yes, a dog. Yes, eaten. Here is what I will tell you in return about the persecuted great Russian cinema.
Every time you tell me about great Russian literature, I will tell you about dozens of interceptions of conversations between Russian soldiers and their mothers and wives. Conversations in which there is nothing but “f..ck and f..ck yourself”. Conversations in which wives order them to steal in Ukrainian homes. A conversation where mothers laugh when their sons tell how their brothers rape Ukrainians. And if all mothers are thrown out of these conversations, they will have only “hello for now”. Here is what I will tell you in response to the persecuted great Russian literature.
There is no more great Russian culture, literature, cinema, painting, theater and ballet. There is a country of freaks, robbers, rapists and murderers. Wild people who have no place in the civilized world!
And long-suffering new Russian dissidents in the cozy apartments of Berlin, London, Larnaca, Milan, Tbilisi, Astana, Vienna and other temporary shelters, let them follow the route of the Russian ship, proudly carrying in their hands a great Russian culture!