MedTourClub at the African Congress of Medical Tourism

Do you remember that our Association announced the African Congress of Medical Tourism AMTC? So – it has happened! And in today’s conditions it is really an achievement – to hold an international event!

The place of the event became Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and the Congress was held on November 25-27, 2021. It was the first time our Association not only acted as an info-partner and expert in the Congress program, but also formed a delegation of participants from Ukraine! We performed a joint booth at the international exposition and presented 3 unique clinics from Kyiv.

Our idea was to declare brightly about the medical potential of Ukrainian medicine, to show the best representatives of the industry and, thus, to attract foreign partners and patients to Ukraine. We can proudly say that thanks to the prompt decision of three separate private clinics to take part in the joint booth, our idea was realized! We have not just assembled the delegation, but we presented the best representatives and “made some noise” :))

Our colorful stand was distinguished by its bright colors, beautiful participants and delicious treats. Of course, we attracted many visitors and foreign representatives of the Congress not only with the external picture. Our participants professionally presented their services and, what is more important!, worked as a close-knit team, caring for the overall image of the country and supporting each other during the exhibition.

Our participants were: Isida-IVF Clinic, Ladisten Clinic and AIRdoc – excellent representatives of private medicine with big experience. In short, each of the clinics has its own unique results in treatment, backed by sincere feedback from the patients from different countries. And we, in turn, want to share the feedback of these clinics about our trip to Tunisia and participation in a foreign event.

One could say about this journey – just perfect! It accurately characterizes everything that happened, but it cannot convey all the emotions and things that we have experienced during this time. And there were a lot of them: first doubts – should I go? Can we prepare quickly in such a short time?

Then many of the questions appeared: which are the other clinics who are going? What can present the clinic in the best way? How to create a booth? What materials will work the most effectively? What will be the program of the Congress? How can we get the interest of the partners from other countries?

But thanks to the professionalism, incredible sincerity and extensive experience of Inna Dashchenko, the head of Med Tour Club, we received the answers to these questions. I would say more, these were not just answers – they were just practical advice. This is exactly the example, when everything seems very simple to the naked eye, but there is an experience and a well-established system behind it. I hope that our cooperation will continue.

Thank goodness for bringing me together with a lady like Inna. And also with other wonderful (already my friends): Anna Shtokalova and Alina Matviychuk from Isida, Victoria Veklich from Ladisten Clinic, Aytac Kurt, Ahmed, Oussama Bensalem and others. We formed a great team, which worked and rested to the fullest. And of course, the result of this work is our plans for the further actions. I hope for their realization together :))

Natalia Sinclair, Medical Director of AIRdoc

We want to thank you for a well-organized trip to the congress. You managed to prepare and plan all our actions and participation so well that we didn’t need to think about these nuances at all, we just had to do our work and enjoy socializing in a cool company, making new acquaintances and useful contacts.

We want to thank you for a well-organized trip to the congress. You managed to prepare and plan all our actions and participation so well that we didn’t need to think about these nuances at all, we just had to do our work and enjoy socializing in a cool company, making new acquaintances and useful contacts.

Thank you for supervising and advising how to prepare for the event properly, because in that short period of 5 days before the trip it would have been difficult without your involvement and, I can say, even care! I would like to express my special gratitude to the talented designer, who prepared a beautiful and bright booth. They stood out from the dull gray mass around. The idea of ​​sunflowers worked cool! I hope we will be able to join other events with you more than once. I really believe that they will be in the near future!

Anna Shtokalova, Deputy General Director for International Cooperation “ISIDA – IVF”

Inna Dashchenko, Managing Director of the International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism and co-founder of MedTourClub, was one of the speakers at a panel on the quality of medical services. The topic of her speech was “Quality approach of the clinic: which one to choose?” was performed as a presentation, that revealed many aspects of cooperation with partners in the field of medical tourism. Of course, the speaker briefly presented Ukraine’s opportunities for foreign patients and invited everyone to our next professional industry event in May 2022.

Such events always bring not just new professional contacts, but also contribute to the establishment of warm relations with partners, which simply grow into a friendship! It happened this time as well. Our active and noisy team from Ukraine made friends with representatives of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Africa. Lunches and dinners together, walks after the business program of the event, as well as exciting conversations have grown into friendly communication and after the event!

Any trip to a new country should be followed by an acquaintance with the culture, tourist destinations and attractions of the city. Our team did not miss such an opportunity! 

We visited ancient Carthage, old and modern Madina – the main street and the center of trade, as well as the highlight of Tunisia – Sidi Busaid – a city in white and blue colors. We managed to take beautiful photos before sunset, the reason we became incredibly happy!

We will continue to inform you about new opportunities in medical tourism, because having the right information is the first step to making the right decisions. Do you agree?