Our partner project – Virtual medical Tourism Expo!


What is it? 

MedTour Expo is a permanent virtual expo – as a global platform for collaborations in medical tourism. 

This platform is developed for all medical tourism industry players.

We hope you will like the idea!

How it works?

When medical facilitator or agency is looking for a reliable partner in specific country, he/she can simply search by Country and contact directly a provider.

There are booths of the participants, classified by countries and Hospital/Assintance cathegory. They can choose what they need, watch a video about the company and look at the leaflets.

The facilitator can leave his/her virtual business card for the participants and stay in tourch in the future.

Who are there?

We have Hospitals, Assistance available there at the moment.

Also we are filling it up with Associations and Clasters.

As a company YOU can fill the application form and leave your request to join us!

Check yourself at the Expo, you may be available here already!

To check the EXPO now

How much it cost?

It’s free of charge for all the participants!

There is a possibility to place your logo, a web-site link, 1 YouTube video and 2 pdf leaflets on the booth free of charge!

We are waiting for your feedback! Let’s cooperate!