Tanzania and island Zanzibar – eclusively for medical workers!

Dear doctors, dear colleagues related to medicine, this offer is for you!

Together with our partners in Africa, a local tourism company dedicated to promoting Tanzanian culture around the world, we decided to organize an unforgettable trip to Tanzania and island Zanzibar for doctors – people who deserve such a vacation like no other now. Beautiful beaches, safaris, Lake Victoria, gold mines, a cotton farm, national villages and traditions, local cuisine, and incredible exotic – all in one trip!

We chose the best time to visit hot Africa – early January – they have the best time to relax there! Of course, there is no point in going to Africa for less than 10 days 🙂

There is an entire program here  Program for Tanzania

You can take your beloved one with you.

In general, the most important thing is to buy a plane ticket by mid-November! Therefore, you need to hurry up with the decision. And meet you in Zanzibar! 🙂

 And by the way! Tanzania is in the green zone for COVID-19, so it’s a pretty safe place on the planet …

To register, send you e-mail to medtourdoctors@gmail.com