MedTourNetworking Hub 4.0 — we invite you to join online!

We invite you to join!

The welcoming video is here

Despite all the challenges facing the global health care system in 2020, the medical tourism industry remains an opportunity for patients and their doctors.
For many years, medical tourism has helped people all over the world, and we continue to provide a unique interactive professional platform for establishing business relationships and professional communication between market players!

The annual Summit of our Association invites everyone who is interested in international contacts in medicine, in new contacts, in new techniques and in unique methods for diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation!

This year – in a hybrid format – an online stream to the whole world (not exaggerating!) And the opportunity to be present in person (for local participants).

Of course, there will be few places for personal visits, but online – as many as you want! Broadcast language – English (subtitles will also be used).

Among the participating countries we already have: Ukraine, Lithuania, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Finland, Poland, Italy, Spain, India, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, African countries. We are constantly adding new members and listeners and the geography is expanding day by day!

Among the participants, traditionally there will be: doctors, travel agencies, heads and managers of clinics, facilitators and buyers from all over the world!

300+ event visitors (50+ in person and 200+ online)

The event will consist of 4 sections:

  • Medical Tourism Marketing – Practical Guidelines
  • Service for the patient and cooperation with partners
  • Innovative medical technologies and unique therapeutic techniques.
  • TOP-speaker from the USA – topic of speech: “Country brand in medical tourism”.

A technical opportunity will be organized to ask questions, communicate with speakers and participants of interest, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know each other (based on interests, country and field of activity). At the end of the event, there will be an exchange of contacts for all the participants in the Summit – this is our usual practice, since we are a platform for communications!

Visit the event’s official website to find out more!

This event is for those who wants to:

  • increasing brand awareness (clinic and personal);
  • promoting their services to target audiences all over the world;
  • sharing best management practices;
  • familiarization with innovative treatment technologies, diagnostic methods, the latest news in the treatment of various diseases;
  • search for reliable partners and opportunities for professional growth!

I invite you to join online as a speaker (120 EURO) or listener (free of charge)!

Please find a proposal to be a speaker here!

Register for online participation at!

See you soon!