4th IAPMT & MedTourClub 2020 Summit took its part!

On December 5, our annual MedTourNetworking Hub2020 Summit took place, which this time was held in a hybrid format – about 30 participants were in the hall, and only about 300 attended the event online – on the Zoom platform or watched the broadcast on Facebook.

The organizers succeeded in attracting representatives from 35 countries of the world to participate, as the event was broadcast in English (partly with Russian subtitles). In Ukraine, such an event on medical tourism was held for the first time.

Watch the final video about the event

The usual format of the Summit is not just a conference, when speakers speak and others listen. We always hold an event in a networking format, that is, participants can actively get to know and communicate with each other, establish business relationships. This time we had 2 main sections – Service and work with patients and the Section of Innovations and unique medical methods of the world. 22 speakers from 11 countries presented their information to the attention of the audience. After each section, an interactive was organized with the speakers, during which they answered questions. Who were these participants?

1. Monica Figuerola Martin, a head of International Development Department, Quirónsalud, Spain. It is the leading hospital group in Spain and after the merger with the German company Fresenius-Helios, it is the most hospital group in Europe. Video presentation is here

2. Veronika Kuvshinova, Export Manager, Docrates Oncology Clinic, Helsinki (Finland). The clinic immediately provides high-quality and individual diagnostics and the latest cancer treatment methods, even during an epidemic. The clinic is located in Helsinki. Video presentation is here

3. Prof. Dilek Oguz, Head of the Gastroenterology Department, Medical Director of Guven Health Group and Dr. Genko Cetinkanat, Deputy General Director of Guven Health Group, Ankara, Turkey. For the best medical care, come to Turkey. Aiming to provide medical services in accordance with international standards, Ankara Güven Hospital, founded in 1973, meets the requirements of modern medicine and many years of experience. Video presentation is here

4. Ana Laura Ramirez, CEO of travel operator VOYAMEE.COM, Italy. “… Wellness holidays, SPA treatments, detoxification, Ayurveda and regeneration, weight loss, wellness, sports and much more to restore well-being …” Video presentation is here

5. Natalia Gurieva, Regional Director for Eastern Europe, Italy. A modern thermal, medical resort will open soon, 50 minutes from Rome, in the heart of the historic city of Fiuggi, surrounded by a park – the historic Palazzo Fiuggi … Video presentation is here

6. Andreas Schmitz, Managing Director (CEO), Owner of the Bel Etage Clinic, Dusseldorf, Germany. Neurosurgeon, specialist in operations on the spine, maintaining motion (prosthetics of intervertebral discs). Video presentation is here

7. Hisham Hakim, DMN, Neurologist, Head and Founder, American Spine Center, Dubai, UAE. American Spine Center is one of the leading Specialized Centers for Non-Surgical Spine and Joint Treatment. Video presentation is here

8. Oleg Shulman, CEO and Head of IZMEDIK, Israel. Medical Center “Izmedic” provides a full range of services for the organization of diagnostics and treatment in Israel for adults and children. Video presentation is here

9. Abhik Moitra, Co-Founder and Director, Shinon Hbg Medical Assistance Pvt Ltd., India. One of the leading assistants for patients who travel to India worldwide. Over the past few years, they have helped over 11,000 patients. Video presentation is here

10. Roman Barakov, General Director, Medtravel-R, Austria. Organization of the provision of medical services in Austria (all types of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation). Video presentation is here

11. Aytach Kurt, General Director of the Center for Orthopedic Robotic Surgery, Bursa, Turkey. The Center for Robotic Orthopedic Surgery was established in 2016 within the structure of Aritmi Osmangazi Private Hospital in Bursa, Turkey. Video presentation is here

12. Andriy Beda, founder of the VASH Dental Clinic Network, Dentist, Surgeon-Implantologist, Ukraine. Family dentistry “Vash Zubnoy” is located in the south of Ukraine in sunny Odessa on the seashore. “We work around the clock, because your smile is the highest value.” Video presentation is here

13. Amina Islam Dababseh, Head of the Department of International Relations I.D. Clinic, Ukraine. Clinic I. D. specializes in stem cell therapy, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, plastic surgery, gynecology, reproductive medicine, urology, rehabilitation and vascular surgery. Video presentation is here

14. Sergey Malyshev, Head of the Topmedical Ophthalmology Clinic, Zaporozhye, Ukraine. The clinic provides a wide range of services for the diagnosis, treatment and ophthalmic surgery of visual pathology for adults and children. Video presentation is here

15. Maria Gazda, Institute of Cell Therapy, General Physician, Certified Specialist in Nutrition, Anti-Age Medicine and Cell Therapy, Ukraine. Stem cells are one of the most amazing discoveries of modern medicine, which can change the understanding of the treatment of many diseases and give people the most important thing – health, youth, strength, longevity, and sometimes the only chance – to survive. Video presentation is here

16. Nils Toenissen, Specialist in Internal Medicine. Medical Director for Hematology and Oncology, CBC Health Med Munich, CBC Health AG, Berlin. The clinic presents intravenous infusion of umbilical cord blood cells for recovery from ischemic stroke. He has over 20 years of experience in cord blood storage and offers treatment using allogeneic cord blood. Video presentation is here

17. Mukhamed Umerov, Marketing Manager, Good Cells Clinic, Ukraine. Good Cells is an innovative clinic with its own biotechnology laboratory that has been successfully applying stem cell therapy for the past 10 years. Video presentation is here

18. Viktoria Veklich, Chief Physician of LADISTEN Clinic, Orthopedist-Traumatologist, Ukraine. Creator of the Orthopedic Cosmetology Franchise. Ladisten Clinic – works in the field of modern cosmetic orthopedics and limb traumatology for children and adults. Video presentation is here

19. Helena Puonti, CEO and Chief Physician, Oncoplastic Surgeon, KMN, Clinic Helena, Finland. The main specialization of the clinic is the use of modern methods of breast cancer treatment and recovery after mastectomy. All types of reconstructive surgeries are performed here, including breast reconstruction using the patient’s own tissues. Video presentation is here

20. Sergio N. Sardon Melo, Deputy Medical Director, DM PREVENT, Dubai, UAE. Specialist in diabetic foot, wound care and restorative medicine. Video presentation is here

21. Irina Pezhinska, Head of the International Cooperation and Foreign Services Department of the International Center for Hearing and Speech “MEDINCUS”, Poland. A network of highly specialized medical institutions in Eastern Europe, which provides services to patients of all ages in the framework of otorhinolaryngology. Video presentation is here

22. Madhusudana Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda, India. The basis of happiness is health – and this is more than the absence of disease. Video presentation is here

We also had a very powerful marketing section. Its main idea is to explain to clinic managers the importance and expediency of obtaining international accreditation. Many medical institutions have already done this, others are looking for the most convenient options for themselves. This is a very lively topic that is in demand. Therefore, with the help of speakers, we made a comparative description of possible different international accreditations both for the clinic and for individual professionals separately.

We invited such experts:

Bill Cook, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Global Health Care Accreditation (GHA), USA. A renowned specialist in medical tourism and patient experience improvement, he has co-authored two books and many articles on the topic. Video presentation is here

Jonathan Elderheit, President of MTA and Global Healthcare Resources, USA. Professional with 20 years of experience in medical tourism and healthcare. Video presentation is here

Lutz Lungwitz, President of the German Medical Wellness Association. Presentation topic: Investment, Sales and Marketing for Health Tourism and Health Resort Hotels in the Future, Covid or Without. Video presentation is here

Elisabeth Ziemba, Regional Director, Temos International GmbH. Exclusive regional representative for the USA, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean for Temos Worldwide. Video presentation is here

We also introduced the participants to the newest method in service and sales – voice robots with artificial intelligence. Listen to our expert, Sergei Shcherbina. Video presentation is here

The key speaker of the event was the world famous Ilan Geva, President, Ilan Geva & Friends Inc., USA. International branding expert, author and speaker who practices and teaches holistic branding for all brand communications.

The topic of his speech was “The brand of the country in medical tourism” and aroused a very bright interest among all listeners from different countries. We received a lot of feedback on his presentation and will continue to work with this expert to put his advice into practice. Video performances are available upon request by contacting us.

We are grateful to all participants for their participation, as well as to all listeners and buyers for their activity!

See you again in 2021!