The first medical trip in 2021!

We visited Turkey!

I suppose you remember our Summit #MedTourNetworkingHub, which took place on December 5, 2021, when one of our participants from Bursa (Turkey) invited everyone to get acquainted with the Center for Orthopedic Robotic Surgery? I can remind you of his presentation at the Summit, here you are!

To watch the presentation

We gladly took advantage of Mr. Aytach Kurt’s invitation to visit Bursa. And as soon as we got the opportunity, a group of doctors from Ukraine and a participant from Egypt went to this beautiful place.

On April 4, 2021, Turkey greeted our group with sunshine and cool weather.

But the warm attitude of the Prusa Medica team and their hospitality has not left anyone indifferent in our group. Here is one of the testimonial of our participants:

«Turkey has become №1 and still is staying a leader in medical tourism.

We could see it during a trip to Turkish clinics in Bursa and Istanbul together with IAPMT.

During the pandemic, the country did not stop accepting patients, of course, this is due to the country’s leaderships and politicians.

With a group of doctors, we discovered new facets of medical Turkey.

We felt a warm welcome from both the assisting company Prusa Medica and the Turan & Turan clinic: presentations, exchange of experiences, visits to departments and the vaccination office. I’m answering a question that is currently very relevant around the world – Turkey vaccinates its citizens with the CoronaVac vaccine from Sinovac / China.

The most impressive was the opportunity to be present in the operating room and to observe the manipulations of the unique robot Navio.

Briefly about the robotic operations to replace the knee joint, which we could observe.

We took the opportunity to join a team of Turkish surgeons for robotic knee replacement surgery.

With the assistance of special programs the robot clearly, to the nearest millimeter, calculates the volume of bone that needs to be removed, the surgeon only controls the manipulator. After cleaning the surfaces he tries on the joint prosthesis – everything can be seen on the monitor. If everything is fine, then the artificial joint is installed, checked for mobility and sewn. Such combined operations are unique in the accuracy and rapid recovery of the patient after, because the prosthesis is anatomically comfortable.

We were impressed by the openness of the clinic team and the fact that Dr. Turan himself was not only present at the operation but also willingly shared his experience and the experience of his team!!!

In the near future, an exclusive representative office of the robotics company Smith & Nephew and a new clinic will open in Bursa.

We have been inspired by the attitude of doctors and the team of the clinic to their work. Every morning at 6.00 they do not have any planning, but training! New techniques, cases and achievements.

There are many things to borrow from our colleagues…

But the most important thing is the people we met and new faces in our friendly company!!!!

This trip was a breeze, an inspiration and, I hope, the start of changes in my work.

Thank you for the experience, wonderful (as always) organization and warm welcome!

Let us have new meetings and horizons! ”

Dr. Olena Melnyk, Kyiv.

In addition to the medical part, we had the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Bursa and try the wonderful Turkish cuisine.

But only Bursa did not end the case.

How can you not visit Istanbul while in Turkey? Despite the restrictions and the need to comply with all sanitary safety regulations, we were kindly invited by Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals to visit Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital. We were introduced to the expert medical areas of this medical group, effective treatment methods, we had the opportunity to communicate with prominent specialists in the field of neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, as well as oncology, hematology and transplantation.

Unfortunately, we only had one day off from the work program, and naturally we spent it to our advantage. We visited the most beautiful and important tourist sites – Dolmabahce and the mosques of Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia. Sometimes a lockdown is fun – when there are no crowdі of tourists, and the service is on an up high level!

Be sure to visit Turkey exclusively as a tourist and get the most pleasure!

And if you need reliable partners in medical matters – we are always ready to help, contact us!