The birthday of our Association – we are 9 years!

For the second year, the whole world has been living in a special quarantine regime, so it is even more pleasant to have the opportunity to see friends, partners and colleagues.

That is why we did not wait for the anniversary year from the date of foundation of our Association and decided to invite all of you to share a holiday with us – our 9th birthday! 🥳
A few words about the history of our Association: On May the 17, 2012, our Association was registered. However, we had a shorter name that time – “Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism”.

Our main task was to familiarize doctors of different specializations with the new direction of medical tourism at that time.

We taught, explained, showed and told our esteemed colleagues what opportunities doctors and their patients have, if we take advantage of the experience and new technologies used in medical centers and clinics abroad.

Since 2016, our Association has been called the “International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism”. We have not just changed our name – we have transformed, expanded the boundaries, changed the strategy of development and further work. We were pushed to this by the experience in medical tourism with our dear colleagues and partners – professionals of medical tourism both in Ukraine and abroad.

We deeply respect and value each of our friends and colleagues who take part in the development of medical tourism in Ukraine and the world, in our events, and the partners, to which we organized study tours and internships for doctors, referred patients and which we recommended.

We thank for their help with advice and practical solutions and invite you to join our small but very important meeting – the 9th anniversary of the International Association of Physicians in Medical Tourism! 🤩

We are waiting for everyone who is involved – on May the 25th! 👍
Join us online !!

We will tell you about what we managed to do over the years and about our plans for the near future! We will be glad to exchange kind words with our beloved colleagues and friends!

Registration for the event and the online event itself will take place here!
Register and visit! We will cooperate!